When a Father Shoots His Daughter’s Computer…

The video below of a North Carolina father which culminates in him shooting his daughter’s computer full of holes with a .45 caliber pistol has gone viral. Along the way it’s sparked two divergent reactions: those cheering him on for sticking it to his ungrateful daughter and those appalled at his bad behavior and violence toward the computer.


A few days ago, this is what I wrote in the comments on a friend’s Facebook posting of the video:

Daughter lashes out at father by posting a rant about him on the internet. Father retaliates by shooting her computer, filming it, and putting it up on the Internet. Looks like two people in dire need of attention; like father, like daughter. They deserve each other.

Apparently, the man’s home was visited by both the police and Child Protection Services and everything is okay now. In a follow-up to the original post about the video, the man wrote that it was one of the worst days of his life and that things are now better between him and his daughter. I’m glad that things are better for him and his daughter.

Meanwhile, people are still arguing about whether he’s a good or bad father.

I don’t really care about that. What I care about is where this is all going next.

There really is only one logical direction for a family with members so hell-bent on getting their points across to each other that they post their rants and videos on the Internet for everyone to see: Reality Television.

When people with talents as diverse as Self-Promotion, being a Human Clown Car, Crab Fishing, Ice Road Truck Driving, or Being a Crazy Pageant Mom, surely there is place in Reality TV Land for the likes of The Hot-Tempered Family Members Who Know How to Make a Spectacle of Themselves.

They could even change their last name to “Carolina” and call the show, “The Carolinas.” Week in and week out they can show us all how parenting and back-talking and loving get done in the Carolinas. Or they could call themselves “The Shooters” and take turns blowing off steam by using guns to shoot each others’ personal items (TVs, computers, hair dryers, furniture, appliances, etc.).

Don’t tell me an enterprising producer hasn’t already been in contact with the family. Because when a father shoots his daughter’s computer, it makes for great television.


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