I’m Doing It Myself

I am happy to announce that I’m publishing my novel CHICAGO TIME. It will be available for Kindle, Nook, Sony, and other ebook reading devices. For those of you who are old-fashioned, a Dead Tree Version will be available, too.

What’s CHICAGO TIME about, you ask?

Well, I am happy to tell you.

When the Chicago City Council goes on strike and good things happen all around the city, the last thing on the cynical minds of Robert Grabowski and Elise Callahan is love. Because of a recent merger, Robert, the black sheep of his Political Machine-loyal family, is worried about his job. Elise is determined to let nothing get in the way of her return in a few weeks to expat life in Paris.

One sunny morning the two thirtysomethings meet in front of their favorite pastry shop, which has suddenly closed. Robert and Elise have an argument and would like to leave it at that. But thanks to the smooth-running city, fate has other things in store for them. Add a politically-corrupt father with a cushy city job who might be under investigation by the Feds, throw in a mysterious woman with a beautiful voice who is often heard singing throughout the neighborhood, and you have an offbeat and humorous take on love in the city, and it all happens on Chicago Time.

I do not have a publisher. I’m serving as my own publisher. I have been thinking about doing it myself for a long time. Here’s why I finally decided to go the indie route.

1) These days the cost of entry in publishing is low. It takes very little money to digitally format a novel and design a cover. In my case, I used GIMP for the cover. The image I used on the cover was bought from iStockphoto.com. The most costly items were the ISBN numbers. But now I have enough for CHICAGO TIME’s various formats and my future projects.

2) I have nothing to lose.

3) I believe in the novel. This is the most important reason. Because I believe in the novel, I want people to be able to read and enjoy it.

As the final details are settled, I’ll post information about when CHICAGO TIME will be available in which formats. Also, in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting several excerpts from the novel to serve as a preview before the full novel is published. So stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “I’m Doing It Myself

  1. Exciting news! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Hey Rich,

    I am very happy that you are publishing Chicago Time! I am curious, though, as to who is doing the actual typesetting and formatting for the different ebook platforms. You? After typesetting for “traditional” books for many years I’m wondering…is the formatting procedure similar for all types of popular ebook files (epub, mobi, etc) or is there a general filetype (such as pdf) that can be DRMed and will work across all popular platforms? If I purchased it thru, say, Google Books via the Android market can I even GET it, or will I have to be running a Kindle or Sony eReader application? Let me know as I WILL buy it the day that it’s released! Email me and let me know! I must read it! I have worked with iUniverse before and think the way that you’re going by far gives you more control, is cheaper, and just plain easier in every way esp if no or few gfx are involved. PLEASE email me and keep me posted… I’ll buy the first copy! Congratulations, I am eagerly awaiting this piece!


    • Ron, There will be no DRM on the ebook versions of my novel. I hate DRM. It’s stupid and ends up annoying the reader more than anything. Not to mention that DRM is easily broken. Besides, as an old Commodore 64 user who owned many, ahem, broken copies of over-priced games, my sympathies lie with readers and users.

      When you submit your manuscript, you have the option of turning off DRM for Kindle. Smashwords offers DRM-free files. You’ll need the Kindle app to get it from Amazon. But Smashwords will be selling it in a variety of formats, from EPUB to PDF, depending on what the reader prefers. Smashwords also will make the book available in the Sony, iBooks, and Nook stores. The ebook price will be the same regardless.

      IUniverse doesn’t give you a lot of control, and there are a lot of upfront costs with them. For CHICAGO TIME, I’m concentrating on having the ebook version available first. Afterwards I’ll concentrate on the printed version, which will be done through Createspace, via Amazon and Print-On-Demand (POD) technology.

    • As far as typesetting, that’s being done by me. As a former technical writer, this is not as problematic for me as it might be for other writers. I’ve lost count of the number of documents I’ve desktop published through the years.

  3. Isabel and Debbie, thank you!

  4. That’s awesome! Congratulations Rich!

  5. Will be interested to see how you price the book.
    I’ll probably get the Kindle version.

  6. Also, make sure no typos. I don’t like seeing typos.

  7. Good for you! Can’t wait to read it!

  8. /quivers with antici…pation

  9. Congratulations!!!

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