Ready or Not

We leave for Shanghai in a few days, with a stop in Chicago to visit family before we fly out of O’Hare airport. We’ll be there for six weeks. We’ve been doing a lot in preparation for the trip.

(Image courtesy of Wikitravel)

We made a list of things To Do and a list of things To Buy.

We did things and crossed them off the To Do list.

We bought things and crossed them off the To Buy list.

Between the buying, doing, and the usual day-to-day stuff, my Chinese studies have slipped a bit. But, hey, I’m about to get a crash course in Mandarin. I look forward to confused looks at my clunky tone-deaf Mandarin.

We counted out the pairs of underwear, socks, shirts, and shorts we would need. We’ve been doing laundry nonstop for the past week. We started to pack and realized we’ll need one more bag…

We’ve received help from some Chinese friends about using phones in China. They were kind enough to give us a prepaid SIM card. And as a bonus, we’ll get to see them in Shanghai while they’re visiting family.

It’s a good thing we never got around to recycling our several years old Motorola flip phones. Those phones work on GSM networks. Getting an unlock code for one of them proved more expensive ($25) than buying an old unlocked phone off of eBay ($18). Go figure.

We’ve researched Shanghai and China through guidebooks and the Internet, trying to learn as much as we can before we arrive. Reading about all the things to see and do has only made us more excited about the trip.

For instance, while researching food in Shanghai, I discovered CNN’s list of 35 Shanghai street foods that should not be missed.

All I can say is “yes” to all of those tiny little adventures in food, just like we’re saying “yes” to this big adventure.

Wish us luck!


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