Seeing Shanghai at Night from the Jin Mao Tower

We lucked out last night. We had clear weather and a personal connection. Thanks to my wife’s fabulous TA Crystal we got into the Jin Mao Tower Observation floor for free. (Her other fabulous TA Jessie helped her this morning buy our high speed train tickets for our trip to Nanjing this weekend.) A friend of Crystal’s mother works at the tower and, hearing about us from Crystal, had offered to let us up to see the view from the top without having to pay the entry fee. And that’s just what we did.

It’s one of the coolest things we’ve done so far. The pictures, as always, don’t do the view justice. Seeing Shanghai lit up at night from those heights is a spectacle of vast glowing proportions.

We arrived shortly after sunset. There was still a slight blue/orange glow in the Western sky.

The Bottle Opener didn’t look too bad from next door. Though I couldn’t seem to cut the glare from the windows.

Here’s the Pearl Tower. I’ve tried on several nights to capture some of its changing colors from our hotel room with no success. I’m sure a professional photographer could tell me how to do it. In the meantime, I’ll settle for this.

This is the view from the 88th floor of the Park Hyatt hotel just below. You can see all the way down to the bottom of the hotel’s atrium.

The hotel occupies floors 53 to 87. Stephanie lifted Henry up to give him a view, but he was freaked out by it. His fear of heights is not going away.

This is how we saw the Jin Mao Tower when we had to leave.

I prefer this building to the Bottle Opener. It would not look at home in Chicago, Houston, or New York. The Bottle Opener would. Henry said, “It’s only when we leave Shanghai that it looks like China.” The kid has a point.

Speaking of the kids. They were much better behaved on this excursion than on Sunday. Happy kids make for happy trips.

Chinese Paparazzi Count: 0 – If anyone took a picture we didn’t see it.

One picture I decided not to show was of the large display of Chinglish describing the process of designing and building the tower. It’s too embarrassing for a building of this stature to mock. Seriously. They could afford to hire Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill to design it but couldn’t find a decent English translator/editor? I suppose corners had to be cut somewhere.


5 thoughts on “Seeing Shanghai at Night from the Jin Mao Tower

  1. Again, anyone considering parenting should read this first. Because when it’s wonderful it’s rEaLlY wonderful. BTW – fantastic photography.

    • Thanks. I managed to get a few good pics. But it’s still difficult to do the view from up there at night any kind of justice….It was a wonderful time.

  2. God, I’m having so much fun reading your posts. Just in case you were wondering… the weather is equally unpleasant here AND you get better food. Love to you and the kids.

    • Thank you for tagging along on our trip abroad! We miss you and Michigan. Funny thing is, Stephanie and I are now used to the heat and humidity. When we get back, the lower 70’s will feel downright cold. 😉

  3. Loved this tower when I visited! I was definitely impressed by the open space…WOW!

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