Summer Is Over

This past Friday afternoon I took Meredith to her favorite playground, the “brown playground” as she calls it. She had been missing it in China. Other than a couple of park workers who looked like they were doing some end-of-season tidying up, Meredith and I were the only people there.

I don’t think there’s a clearer symbol for summer’s end than an empty playground.

The kids have started school, with Meredith now in pre-school a few days a week for half-a-day.

Henry had his first soccer practice last week, with his first game this Saturday.

The semester has begun for my wife at the university.

This is the last month of the baseball season with my White Sox surprisingly in contention for their division, the beginning of Fantasy Football season, cooler temperatures, and….there is some more work to do to promote my novel CHICAGO TIME.

There are also so many more stories to write.


2 thoughts on “Summer Is Over

  1. Ahh…Fall is bittersweet….end of summer, but back to a routine.

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