My First 5k

On October 7th I will run my first 5k race. It’s official. I signed up and paid money to run in the MSU Federal Credit Union Dino Dash.

I chose the race because I thought by October I’ll have enough mileage and have been running steadily for long enough to be able to run the race comfortably. It’s also close to home. The course is on MSU’s campus, which is a very pretty campus on days when there is not a football game at Spartan Stadium.

As I said months back in My Obligatory Middle-Aged Exercise Post, I started running about a year ago and had to take some time off because of an injury. Since the early Spring I’ve been running steadily every week. Even in China. (I’ll put up a post about running in Shanghai in a few days.)

My race results, whatever they might be, will be a gift or an insult of sorts. The run just so happens to fall on my birthday. I did not plan it this way.

I have not given up swimming. Tomorrow morning I will go back into the pool. I miss the water too much. We had suspended our YMCA membership for a few months while we were in China. No sense in paying for something we were not going to use.

For you curious gearheads, here are the shoes I wear to run and will wear when I race for the first time.

New Balance MT20s in beautifully obnoxious orange. I’m pretty sure New Balance has replaced these with a newer model.

Though I’m in my early 40s, the following story gives me plenty of motivation. An 81 year old man in Canada ran a half-marathon in 1 hour and 38 minutes, setting a record for his age group. But that’s not all.

Whitlock fell on ice last November and broke a rib, one month after lowering his 80+ marathon world record to 3:15:54. He missed months of training and didn’t resume his famed routine of daily two- to three-hour runs in a nearby cemetery until mid-summer.

It goes to show that you do not have to go gentle into that good night. You don’t have to rage at the dying of the light. You can just go running past grave sites and on and on and on.


11 thoughts on “My First 5k

  1. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell all of my other crazy friends who run for fun: “That’s awesome! Go you! Have fun! And the only way you’ll ever see me run 3.1 miles is if someone’s chasing me with a chainsaw.”

  2. I’ll be at the finish line with oxygen. I did my one and only 5K (with Stormy’s text messages cheering me on) in July. Never again. Unless I walk one… which is totally fine with me.

  3. Good luck with the 5k.

  4. @Stormy, Thank you for your support! It should be fun.

    @Julie, I’m hoping I’m in good enough shape that I won’t need oxygen. 🙂

    @John, Thanks! and Thank you for stopping by.

  5. You will love it! The 5k distance is just perfect. Long enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something, short enough to ensure you are not wiped out the rest of the day. Or, as I like to put it when the event has one “30 mins from start to beer garden!”

    Lovely to meet you – good luck and oh, nice shoes…now I might need to take pictures of my obnoxious collection!

  6. I will be applauding on the sidelines!!! Go for it! And I love the orange on your New Balance shoes…a great fashion statement…one should always look their best when sweating!!!

  7. Glad you haven’t quit swimming! See you tomorrow!

  8. Ugh! I hate running, but I love love love your obnoxious orange shoes!!

  9. @Christina, Thank you! I’m looking forward to the race, hoping to enjoy it. And it’s lovely meeting you.

    @Clanmother, Thank you! Yes, the shoes do make me stick out.

    @Laura, No, I can’t quit swimming. I like it too much. Besides I miss you guys in the early morning crew.

    @Denise, One of my running shirts is in the exact same shade of orange. I wear it whenever I run at dusk. I figure between the shoes and the shirt, people in cars will notice me.

  10. Why don’t you aim for a half and we can run it together? Or I can at least follow you since I’m not a fast runner.

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