Manic Monday

Good morning. Here are a pair of links that will make you welcome or dread the coming week.

Whitney Kropp, the bullied teen who was elected to her high school’s homecoming court as a joke, attended the homecoming ceremony (from CNN).

Earlier this month, when she realized the whole thing was a prank, Kropp, a sophomore at Ogemaw Heights High School near West Branch, Michigan, said she became suicidal and felt “like trash.”

But thanks to a push from her family and friends, she decided to embrace what happened and turn the tables.

“I can just prove all these kids wrong … I’m not the joke everyone thinks I am,” she said Thursday.

There are still 36 days until the U.S. Presidential Election. Which means we all have to endure 36 more days of articles (in this case from the Financial Times) telling us useless things like this,

If the Republican candidate is to regain the momentum, he needs to do two things when he takes the stage on Wednesday.

Above all, he needs to provide details about exactly what he would do in the White House.

Enjoy or loathe your week.


4 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I love a Cinderella story! And then there is the other fairy tale….I guess we will wait to hear the rest of the story in 36 days…

    • I thought it was pretty amazing how that community rallied around that girl. The dress and hair styling were donated, a Facebook page was started in her support…

      And I can’t wait until the election is over.

  2. I am in Colorado, so we are getting tons of ads and robo-calls and polling calls and and and…

    My father was in the Colorado State House of Representatives in the late 70s, and he and my mom walked door to door in district neighborhoods. They met people in person. What a change from the “Hi. (Robot Pause) This is [politician] and I am calling you to ask for your support.” 😀

    • Ugh. You’d think for state house they would be going door-to-door.

      For us, that’s one benefit to going without a landline at our house: no more telemarketers or robocalls.

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