I Shot Some Deer in My Backyard

Yesterday was the first day of hunting season here in Michigan. Which might explain what I saw yesterday in my own backyard. The subdivision is a safe haven. I looked out the kitchen window and what did I see but two deer making themselves comfortable. So I shot them…with my camera.

I went outside to see if I could get a better picture. Shhh, I twied to be vewy kwiet…but I’m not much of an animal tracker. I’m more of a used book sniffer.

The green seed/fertilizer spreader there in the foreground is an old one that doesn’t work. I let my kids fill it with dirt, rocks, twigs, and whatever else they find in the yard and push it around. The pile of branches in the upper right comes from some of the trees in our yard, but mostly from the half-dead trees in the neighbors’ yard behind us.

The deer eventually flashed me their white tails and ran off.

But not before one of them dropped a bunch of poop. There is deer poop all over the yard.

Last week, it was wild turkeys. I took the photo below with my phone. That’s just a handful of the nearly two dozen we watched amble through the yard.

After talking with some people in our neighborhood, we think these turkeys are all part of the same flock that keeps moving through our yards.

We did not encounter deer or turkeys in the backyards of my hometown of Northlake, IL. It was mostly squirrels, robins, with the very rare possum or rabbit.

In fact, my sister once brought home a rabbit. It came free with the cage. Several times, the rabbit got out and I and my parents had to chase the thing around the yard, catch it, and put it back in its pen.

In Shanghai this summer, we encountered cicadas more than any other creature.

Their buzzing was so loud, it drowned out sound of the traffic.

We think a groundhog is still living under our deck. We tried to trap her a few years back and ended up catching a raccoon, which we released. Then a half-dozen little ones appeared and then disappeared. That’s how we found out the groundhog was a she.

This is all to say I’ve had more experience with critters in my six years here in Michigan than I did in all of my life before. It’s definitely Pure Michigan.


5 thoughts on “I Shot Some Deer in My Backyard

  1. You have the nicest friends!

  2. Not sure why you’re not supplying the neighborhood with turkeys for Thanksgiving and venison for Christmas. Geesh.

    • I don’t have a shotgun or a bow. Wait! Doesn’t your husband? And isn’t there a boy scout merit badge or two to be earned by cleaning a turkey or a deer? 🙂

  3. Wow and double wow!
    That was a pure Rick Deckard moment, next time watch out for unicorns 🙂

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