Running Is a Pain

There are times when running sucks. Those are the times when you’re running in pain or can’t run because you’re in pain. I’m in one of those periods right now.

The tendonitis in my left ankle I suffered from in the Fall has come back. The ankle pain started making my left calf muscle hurt during runs. The “soreness” in my right heel I’ve been trying to massage away has refused to go away.

I’ve iced. I’ve taken Ibuprofen. I’ve stretched. I’ve exercised. The pains my feet refuse to yield.

The frustrating thing about this is that I thought by now I’d be able to keep increasing my weekly mileage. Last week I ran 15 total miles in three runs. Only one run was pain-free. (In the future, I plan to break up my runs over four days. I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem.)

I’ve been running for well over a year and a half now. But there has been time off for a pulled groin muscle that took nearly four months to heal, then two and a half months off for the tendonitis in the ankle. Now more time off for what is clearly plantar fasciitis and more tendonitis.

Awhile back I signed up to run a 5K which takes place in less than two weeks. I think I might be able to run it slowly, if that. Truth is I might not be able to run it all. I have my heart set on the 15K that’s part of the Istanbul Marathon in November. It would be cool to run on the Boshporus Bridge. I don’t know when that opportunity will be available again.

In my short time as a runner I’ve come to realize that if you’re going to run, you’re going to get injured. If you want to keep running, you have to stop running to let the injuries heal.

It’s enough to make you wonder why you should even bother lacing up the shoes. Oddly, it’s heartening to see that so many (all) runners deal with injuries at some point. This goes for elites on down to us mere mortals. Desi Davila had to withdraw from the Olympic marathon in London and this year’s Boston Marathon. Ryan Hall has had to withdraw from several marathons because of injuries in the past year. The list goes on.

Put me in the Injured Runner category now. I’ll stop running for the short-term because I want to run across the Bosphorus in November.


3 thoughts on “Running Is a Pain

  1. You are a brave soul! You must run across the Bosphorus in November – I have marked my calendar. I will be following…

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