Smiles, Swans, and Hearts All on a Bed

During our trip to Cancun last month, my wife Stephanie and I stayed at the Live Aqua resort. It was a big indulgence that we had bargain-hunted heavily several months ago. We managed to get a great deal through Travelocity for both the stay at the resort and the flight.

We had never before stayed at an all-inclusive or luxury resort. We usually stay at more humble places. Both of us in our early adulthood have traveled through Europe with nothing more than a backpack.

Which means that we were blown away by the level of service (not to mention the amenities) at Live Aqua. I could write a very long post (or two) about all the amenities and service. But I’m going to focus on one aspect and the attention to detail it shows.

The resort provides both the daily housekeeping service and an evening turn-down service. When we returned to our room in the afternoon of our first full day at the resort, we had been left this by the staff,


Which we thought was fun and sweet. The pieces that make up the smile are dyed pieces of rice, as you can see from this detail photo taken of a later drawing.


The next day, my wife took those little colored pieces of rice and wrote this on our bed.


We went out for the day. When we came back, we found this:


Two swans in a basket forming a heart, made out of folded towels. I don’t know how to do paper origami, let alone towel origami. The best we could do was this:


The next day brought this,


and this,


We had to open the drapes so we could enjoy our terrace. We weren’t sure what the N and R inside the heart meant. But it was a nice heart. Stephanie did this in return.


In return, they left a large flower on our bed.


We made sure every morning that we left a tip for the housekeeping staff. We were so impressed with the service and these touches that we asked the hotel for the names of the housekeeping staff for the both the housekeeping and evening turn-down service. On the morning of our departure, we left them this:


I have no idea if the staff appreciated our playful thanks or thought we were annoying. Maybe this level of detail is no big deal for a luxury resort, and maybe my wife and I are easily impressed. Regardless, this was one of the many reasons we had a wonderful time at the resort.


6 thoughts on “Smiles, Swans, and Hearts All on a Bed

  1. Absolutely love this. I have no doubt the staff were eager to arrive and discover what you had left. Very thoughtful.

  2. I love the communication technology – i marvel at the creativity that exists in our world. And the power of kind gestures.

  3. That was really cool, rich!

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