They Have My Name On Them


I saw these shoes in a store on Istiklal Street.

I don’t know how much they cost. I should have just gone inside to find out the price. But I think I should buy them, regardless.

What say you, people of the Internet?

While we’re on the topic of fashion, I’ve been trying to convince my wife that she’d look great in jeggings or wearing the short skirts that fashionable Istanbul women prefer. Or even some of the risque lingerie she’s spotted on display in front of various stores. 😉

But she’s not buying it from me. Though she did buy a very nice dress yesterday. Now we need a babysitter so that I can take her out somewhere she can wear it.


9 thoughts on “They Have My Name On Them

  1. Don’t buy the shoes. You already have too many shoes.

  2. My vote…buy them and tell Stephanie to go for it. She’d look great in the skirts!

  3. It’s always the things you don’t buy that come back to haunt you. Go find them and BUY them. There is no thing as too many shoes – just ook in my closet.

    Steph should try the lingerie too, just not the leather ones.

  4. Buy them, if they are comfortable. Otherwise, the photo is a nice enough souvenir.

  5. Buy! Buy! Buy! Your feet deserve the best! 🙂

  6. I happened to be in the neighborhood visiting an art gallery so I made a stop and checked the price at the store today. The “RICH” shoes are going for 160 Turkish Lira, which is roughly $82 – $83. We’ll see.

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