An Afternoon at Miniatürk

On yet another sunny day in Istanbul, I took the kids to Miniatürk. It’s an outdoor play area on the northern end of the Golden Horn that contains miniature reconstructions of historical buildings and places in Turkey or related to Turkey.

It’s a big place.


The kids headed straight to the playground, which includes this Trojan Horse. (The Trojan Horse is not part of the miniatures.)


When you enter you are given a map and a little sheet of paper with a bar code. You place the bar code next to a small scanner near each exhibit and you can listen to a short history of the building in either Turkish or English (depending on the code you were given). I put the sheet next to the scanner and listened to a few of the explanations. Meredith told me I should stop doing that because it was annoying. She was not interested in the history of the buildings. She was interested in running around the place and eating ice cream. Which she and her brother did.

Then the kids got to operate a car ferry.


We saw a few places we’ve seen in real life and many more that I’d like to see in real life.

Hagia Sophia


Dolmabahçe Clock Tower and Palace


Aspendos Amphitheatre


Atatürk Olympic Stadium


Eyup Sultan Mosque




The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia (complete with hot air balloons)


Henry said he wanted to ride in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia. He says that now. But he’s afraid of heights. He didn’t last long yesterday (Sunday) at the top of Galata Tower. I highly doubt he’d get into a hot air balloon.

We didn’t see all of the miniatures. According to my map there are 116 of them at Miniatürk. Henry would like to go back. I’m not sure if it’s for the miniatures or the Magic Corn he snacked on sold at one of the stands inside the place. Magic Corn is nothing more than corn kernels that are cooked, mixed with butter and salt, and then placed in a cup. You eat it with a spoon. Henry thought it was great.

But not Meredith. One trip to Miniatürk was enough for her. On the way back to our apartment, she fell asleep on the bus.



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