Alexander the Great’s Hovel, and Other Ancient Lessons

My wife beat me to the punch, so to speak, on our most recent trip. Read on!

A Year Without Bacon: Our Expat Life in Turkey

Todays’ post continues with our trip to the Greek and Roman ruins we saw during our recent trip to the Aegean coast.

Near the top of a hillside, about an hour east of present-day Kuşadası, sat the city of Priene. It was never a large city, probably about 4,000-5,000 people and lacked the political clout that Ephesus and Miletus held. But it was home of the impressive Temple of Athena, funded by Alexander the Great.


Alexander the Great even spent some time in Priene, in order to keep an eye on Miletus. Apparently those folks were a bunch of rabble-rousing upstarts. I expected Alexander’s home to be, well, great. But it was just a regular house like all the other regular folks. Here is what is left of it.


Priene also had a small amphitheater. The people of Priene were big into art and philosophy, so there amphitheater hosted plays…

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