So That’s What the Problem Was

I had been having some problems with my left knee, a bout of Runner’s Knee it seems.

I took two weeks off from running after the 15K race here in Istanbul thinking that giving my legs a rest would do the trick.

Then one Sunday I finally met up with an Expat running group for a fun out in the Belgrade Forest. It’s a beautiful place to run, several miles outside the city. I ran and within one kilometer my left knee started to tighten up the way it had before.

I pushed through, because I was enjoying the conversation I was having with the other runners.

Afterwards, I showered back at the apartment and took a few ibuprofen to nurse my sore knee and sore legs. Then I did what every American runner does with access to the Internet: I researched “runner’s knee.”

Many things came up, but didn’t seem to apply to my case. One thing that came up was that tread on the shoes might be worn. So I looked at the tread on my shoes and here is what I saw.


I compared them to my newer ones and it was obvious the tread had been worn down too much. Running on concrete and pavement up and down hills here in Istanbul made them wear down more quickly than if I had been running on dirt or even gravel trails. So they were retired. They have been good to me. I did PRs in the 5K with them and ran from one continent to another in them. If we were back in Michigan I would save them for doing yard work. But since we’re in an apartment here, we don’t have a yard. They will have to be thrown out.

I had reached just over 300 miles on my red/black Saucony Kinvara 3s. I was hoping to get another 100 miles out of them before switching over completely to my blue Kinvara 3s with the fluorescent green laces.

I ran a few times with the blue ones and those runs were pain free. (And I’ve continued to run without pain into the new year.) Problem solved.

Now, I just need to buy a few more pairs from the US and have them shipped here. I found it would be cheaper to do that, via, than to purchase running shoes here. The Kinvara 4s, for example cost around $140. A pair of Kinvara 3s from would cost me just under $100 and that’s including shipping. The import taxes/tariffs here in Turkey are outrageous on certain kinds of goods, especially electronics.

For Christmas, one of my presents was a new pair of running shoes, shipped via Amazon. So when I wear out my current pair, I have another at the ready.


3 thoughts on “So That’s What the Problem Was

  1. Hope your knee is fine and looking forward to see you in the next race with new shoes 😀 Happy 2014 by the way!!

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