The Good Stuff: Badem Ezmesi

Badem Ezmesi (Bah-DEM ez-mess-ee), this U-shaped wonder of taste, is one of my family’s favorite pastries. My wife likes it. I like it. Our kids love it.


On the outside it looks like a normal pastry coated in a light layer of sugar. Inside is the actual badem ezmesi.


Badem ezmesi means “almond paste,” aka “marzipan.” You can also buy small packets of it for one lira a piece.


Or platters of it. There is also “fıstık ezmesi” (pistachio paste).

These pastries are oh so tasty and oh so filling. Half the reason I run is so I can indulge in my sweet tooth. This pastry is a huge indulgence. I often only eat half of one and save the other half for later or share it with someone else.

The kids love it when my wife or I buy these for them from the bakery. They have also taken to saying, “bottom is messy,” because the phrase sounds a lot like “badem ezmesi”…And they’ve developed certain hand movements that reference certain body parts to go along with it…And then there is a lot of giggling and then they finally settle down to eat their pastries.

Thankfully, the kids do not engage in that particular bout of silliness in the bakery.


4 thoughts on “The Good Stuff: Badem Ezmesi

  1. I’m enjoying your posts on food and the kids. (other stuff too.) Judy

  2. Nom, nom. One of my family’s favourites.

  3. Pistachio paste? Oh my!!! I might take up running for that.

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