The Good Stuff: Turkish Coffee


I love coffee. I start my day with a cup of coffee to go along with my breakfast, whether it’s pancakes, eggs, pastries, cereal, granola, bacon, whatever. The aroma that fills the air while the coffee is brewing is a comfort. Coffee completes my morning.

I love espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee, and French press coffee. Now I can add Turkish coffee to the list of Forms of Coffee That I Love to Drink.

This means I will soon be adding a cezve (jez-vay) to my collection of coffee-making devices back home in Michigan, which include a Moka pot, a Mr. Coffee, and a French press.

If you order Turkish coffee (Turk Kahvesi) in a restaurant it comes with a glass of water (to clean your palate) and a piece of Turkish Delight. The coffee, a thicker brew than espresso, is meant to be sipped and savored.

Unlike other forms of coffee, you don’t drink the whole thing. Nor do you stir in milk or sugar or anything else. Any sugar is added during the brewing process. At the bottom of the cup you are served is a layer of grounds. Any stirring will upset the grounds and you will end up drinking the grounds. And no one wants to drink the grounds. So you sip and savor until you get to the very bottom when you’re left with nothing but the grounds.

It’s not difficult to make yourself. Here’s a good Youtube video that shows how to brew it. Notice that the coffee is a very fine powder much like espresso but even finer.

I should note that I tend to use more coffee per cup than in this video. But I like my coffee, no matter the form, strong.

For me, Turkish coffee isn’t a morning drink. I only drink Turkish coffee in the afternoon to accompany cookies, pastries, chocolate, or Turkish Delight. Turkish coffee goes well with anything sweet. Now that I’ve got the taste for this bold brew, I’m going to bring the habit back home with me.


2 thoughts on “The Good Stuff: Turkish Coffee

  1. Is it similar to greek coffee? I love that stuff.

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