The Pigeon on Our Terrace

Pigeons and even crows often perch on the ledge of our terrace.


A few weeks ago, I noticed that every time I went out on our back terrace, a pigeon would fly away. I figured the pigeon had found a good perch and was just scared by me whenever I went to hang up or take down laundry.

Then one day the pigeon didn’t fly away and I saw her sitting in the basket that holds the clothespins.



She would just sit there. This went on for well over a week. She never seemed to budge day or night.

Then one day she was gone and all that was left were these two eggs.


Haven’t seen her since. Now we have two pigeon eggs. Anyone know if they’re good eating? 😉


3 thoughts on “The Pigeon on Our Terrace

  1. Looking forward to an update on this story…

  2. I am not sure what happened. She was obviously convinced she had found a good spot to raise her babies, but maybe something frightened her. Normally, a female pigeon (and the males) will sit on their eggs like glue until they hatch, as this one was doing, but the male normally takes over egg sitting duties to give the female a break. Neither female or male will eat or drink until their partner comes to take over egg sitting duties. Maybe she saw a hawk or maybe she felt the eggs wouldnt hatch for whatever reason, or she may have been a new mother and not realised just how long she had to sit on the eggs. That’s very sad!

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