Chicago Time

My novel CHICAGO TIME is available for purchase: $2.99 for ebook, $10.00 for print.

When the Chicago City Council goes on strike and good things happen all around the city, love is the last thing on the cynical minds of Robert Grabowski and Elise Callahan. Because of a recent merger, Robert is worried about his job. In a few weeks, Elise is due to return to expat life in Paris.

One sunny morning Robert and Elise meet in front of their favorite pastry shop, which has suddenly closed. The two thirtysomethings have an argument and would like to leave it at that. But thanks to the smooth-running city, fate has other things in store for them. Add a politically-corrupt father with a cushy city job who might be under investigation by the Feds, throw in a mysterious woman with a beautiful voice who is often heard singing throughout the neighborhood, and you have an offbeat and humorous take on love in the city, and it all happens on Chicago Time.

You can buy CHICAGO TIME at several stores: (both Kindle and Dead Tree versions), Smashwords (all other digital formats), Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Apple iBooks.



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