I’m Blocked from Twitter, Like Everyone Else in Turkey

Thanks to Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdoğan (aka “The Little Dictator That Could”), millions of people in Turkey can no longer access Twitter. This includes me.

“The international community can say this, can say that. I don’t care at all. Everyone will see how powerful the Republic of Turkey is,” he [Erdoğan] said in a characteristically unyielding tone.

San Francisco-based Twitter said Thursday afternoon local time that it was looking into the matter and had not issued a formal statement. But the company did publish a tweet addressed to Turkish users instructing them on how to continue tweeting via SMS text message.

I don’t know how long this blocking will continue. I don’t have a VPN or access to a good proxy server (that I trust) at this point. WordPress automatically publishes a link to my blog posts on Twitter. So for now that’s the only way I can publish to Twitter. But it also means I still have no way to continue to follow many of the people on Twitter whom I read on a regular basis.

There are many great and wonderful things about Turkey. The pettiness and corruption of its current leader is not one of them.

Update: …and just like that…I’m back on Twitter courtesy of a very easy-to-use VPN. Bwahahahaha…